Solid Waste Managment Plan

The Medina County Solid Waste Management District was established in 1990 in response to new Ohio law developed under House Bill 592. The new law required every County in Ohio to be in a solid waste district and to develop a plan to meet a recycling goal of 25% for their district. As a result, the Medina County Board of Commissioners drafted a plan that required all waste within Medina County to be taken to one central location for all of the recyclables to be removed from the trash. The Commissioners adopted the central sorting philosophy as the anticipated rate of recycling greatly exceeded rates historically generated by other municipal curbside or drop off programs. As a result of the plan, the Medina County Central Processing Facility was constructed in Westfield Township at a cost of approximately $8 million. Over the years, the Central Processing Facility has proven to be a wise investment recycling over 25% of the materials received.

Ohio Revised Code 3734.56 (A) requires the Solid Waste Management District to update their Solid Waste Management Plan every 5 years. The updates must addresses: space remaining in district landfills; recycling and source reduction plans; implementation plans to assure sufficient future landfill space and to achieve recycling goals. The current Plan Update is designed to manage waste for a fifteen year period beginning in 2009 and is written in accordance with Ohio law.

The Ratified Plan is available here as a download. Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher is required to view it. The entire ratified plan may be reviewed at the Medina County Solid Waste Management District at 8700 Lake Road, Medina County Sanitary Engineer's Office at 791 W. Smith Road or the Medina County Administration Building, Commissioners Office at 144 N. Broadway, Medina, Ohio.

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