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Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles & Jugs

When deciding which plastics to put in the recycling bin and which ones to toss in the garbage, make your…

Magazines and Newspapers

Paper, Magazines & Mail

Paper such as junk mail, newspaper, magazines, office & school paper, and paper grocery bags are accepted. Quick Tips If…

Metal Cans

Metal Cans

Steel and aluminum cans are accepted for recycling. Empty aerosol cans are also accepted as long as the material in…

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles & Jars

All colors of glass bottles and jars are accepted. Quick Tips Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse…

Paper Carton


Cartons such as milk, broth, and juice boxes are accepted. Quick Tips Please empty cartons, remove and dispose of straws…

Cardboard Boxes


Many types of cardboard items are recyclable, including corrugated cardboard, mail-order boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, and other items.…

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