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Unused medicine that is left in the home creates a high risk of accidental overdose and illegal abuse if not properly disposed. Flushing medication down the toilet can contribute to water contamination and therefore is not recommended.


To safely dispose of leftover pharmaceuticals from the home, the best option is to take them to a pharmaceutical drop-off location (DUMP).

DUMP locations

Residents will be able to get rid of their unused medication at the following police station locations:

  • Brunswick Division of Police
    4095 Center Rd.
    Brunswick, OH 44212
  • Brunswick Hills Township Police Department
    505 Substation Rd.
    Brunswick, OH 44212
  • Hinckley Police Department
    1410 Ridge Rd
    Hinckley, OH 44233
  • Lodi Police Departmentt
    110 Ainsworth St.
    Lodi, OH 44254
  • Medina County Sheriffs Office
    555 Independence Dr.
    Medina, OH 44256
  • Medina Township Police Department
    4877 Fenn Rd.
    Medina, OH 44256
  • Montville Township Police Department
    6665 Wadsworth Rd.
    Medina, OH 44256
  • Seville Police Dept
    120 Royal Crest Dr.
    Seville, OH 44273
  • Spencer Police Dept
    109 North Main St.
    Spencer, OH 44275
  • Wadsworth Police Department
    120 Maple St.
    Wadsworth, OH 44281
    (The drop box is located inside City Hall on the first floor. It is accessible when City Hall is open)
  • Westfield Police Department
    6701 Greenwich Rd.
    Westfield Center, OH 44251
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